Was cleaning up my old journal entries in my digital notebook (migrating them from Evernote to Bear). I came upon this typed-out prayer from March 4, 2012 that I wrote and typed, as a prayer, in my journal.

There’s a biblical precedence for recording prayers. It’s there in the New Testament; I think of the good one in Ephesians 3 There are prayers recorded in the Old Testament too; for that part of the Bible, I think of Nehemiah 1. (Just to be clear, I’m not writing the Bible. That was already done many years ago when the canon was completed.)

Here’s my prayer from 2012 in its entirety, with minor edits for typos and anonymizing personal info, though I kept the lower-case i, since that shows how I typed it.

Prayer: having had my share of getting sick at least once a year, I know it gives me time to slow down and be reflective..and to pray as if I got nothing better to do. Although when I pray while I’m sick, I’m going to mentally think my prayers out to you, as if you’re the ultimate mind reader, and that you are, and that means I can’t be typing or speaking. And I’m finding it to be a better way to fall asleep than counting sheep or whatever other techniques are out there.

Yes, it makes me wonder when will this be over and I can be well and get on with my life. I don’t like being sick. I know you’re the great physician. And you can heal instantly, just as you can heal over time. Any healing ultimately comes from you.