For whatever reasons in recent history, we here in the United States are hearing more about hurricanes and massacres and scandals. That can be understandable weighty. And this is added on top of the human condition, where occasionally people get diseases, like nobody wants to hear the words, “You have cancer.” Some people lose loved ones to whatever causes of death, that is, the sting of death is still a painful loss.

When people experience pain and suffering, it provokes 2 reactions about the existence of God. For some it drives them to anger and bitterness against God, because if he was powerful he could have stopped the bad thing from happening. For others, it drives them to God for comfort, help, and strength, because the pain is too much to bear alone.

Praying is a conversation with God. When the conversation includes several other people, it’s even better. Praying together is better because others can join in agreement, God listens to those words more emphatically, in one sense. Praying together brings people relationally and spiritually closer. There are other benefits I think, even though I don’t have them at the top of my mind right now.

Something I’m learning and exploring is the lost art of written prayers, or in today’s time, typed out prayers. That’s what this blog is about, my prayer blogging. But there’s another way I’ve recently started praying, and that is to share a prayer that I’ve prayed through typing it out.

Making sense of prayer has taken me a long time. Many years. Like several decades. For those that are new readers to this blog post, I’m talking to God through my blogging and you’re getting to look over my shoulders. My hope is that my honest conversation will some of you to discover how you can enjoy talking with God more. And when you enjoy talking with God more, you’ll talk to God more often. That’s a good thing.

Oh God, I need a lot of help making sense of this world. Like I read in the Gospels, the writers often note when something is being translated. And, Jesus did that too, like the other day, when I read one of the parables, and how he said that he taught using stories and parables so that some people would hear and not understand. And, Jesus then took the time to translate and explain the parable to his disciples. The story I had read was that one about the parable of the seeds.

I’m under no delusion that this little blog project will turn into a best-selling book or some kind of movie project. That was certainly not my aspiration nor ambition. I’ve known people that go on the conference circuit and do the junket. No thank you, I’m not interested. That’s the not the game in life I want to play.