I’m slowly reading this book on prayer by Tim Keller, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. Having heard how he speaks, it takes several times listening to a talk to digest and get the denseness of thought that he presents. Same thing with the book.

One chapter talked about praying to God requires that I know who I’m talking to. That’s reasonable; that makes sense. Who is this God? It cannot be just be what I hope or wish God could be. My own imagination isn’t swift and smart enough to conceive of a God big and strong enough that can get me through the storms and challenges of life.

Making sense of prayer has taken me a long time. Many years. Like several decades. For those that are new readers to this blog post, I’m talking to God through my blogging and you’re getting to look over my shoulders. My hope is that my honest conversation will some of you to discover how you can enjoy talking with God more. And when you enjoy talking with God more, you’ll talk to God more often. That’s a good thing.